Little Miss Homo Sapien's Cave


Let me officiate this connivance of my multiple personalities by stating that more than any of the voices that I hear in my head, I am still the chief decision maker of everything that comes out of each of my writing, and that I am absolutely uninfluenced by these voices’ crazy ideas and mad suggestions.

All they, my multiple personalities’, participation in this, err, connivance of theirs is to bring me to my senses so that, according to them, I can be “properly” assisted in finally pushing through with this personal project that I’ve been romanticising to get under way: To Let The Whole World Know How Much I Love Myself. Dear Lord!

Strictly no sarcasm meant there.

So if only for the inspiration and best of intentions, I could say I owe them, my multiple personalities, a lifetime of citations; and with all the sincerity of my floating ribs, I hope that they will never tire of driving me nuts, for I get my kick out of pulling people’s legs and, indeed, without their wisdom I would’ve have been in straitjacket now.

Not that I actually understand what the hell I’m talking about now, but then again I’m just mirroring what society has come to, like, these days.

So I guess with “my mind”, and that of the voices in my head’s “own mind” joining forces, I could now commence, at last, what I’ve come to swear to fulfilling for the rest of my stay here on earth: To parody the Hypocrisy Of the Self And The Irony Of This Generation.


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