Little Miss Homo Sapien's Cave

Reason Of Treason

Several theories have been proposed as to how the universe really came into being. The most popular of them all, although not necessarily the most accepted, is the Big Bang Theory, which offers that “the expansion of the universe began with a massive explosion that took place between 12 to 20 billion years ago.”

However, just like any other theory in light of the cosmos’ dizzying inception, The Big Bang will just have to remain as nothing more than to what it has always been–unless God shows up to me right about now and asks me out for coffee. A “theory”, the brainchild of astronomer Edwin Hubble who, despite his hypnotic claims to scientific calculations, was still not “exactly” right smack at the heart of the Big Bang ground Zero, a basis for Hubble’s theory that would have made me blush.

WHAT?! Edwin was there d-during..?!

In fact, I have this lovely unsettling feeling that the following theory of mine is far more credible than any of the cosmic theory there is: That those cosmic theories, headlined by the Big Bang, are mere press releases in an attempt to suppress the Real Story and derail the True State of what Humanity should have been in this fantastic planet of ours.

This may sounds like a whacked-out digression, but this the thing. In a world where finding life purpose has become a hip pop culture pursuit similar to how the modern humanoids want to capture the spirit of the pilgrims and nomads of the genuine past who made their respective ways to somewhere and nowhere, discovering instead that the Male and the Female were meant to rule this earth in equal footing is indeed an insult to prized intelligence.

“Hearken my heretic child, what doth thou maliciously betoken yet again?”

Societies recognize their imperious influence over the lost souls that we are that when they claim that the universe started with this one huge metaphysical ejaculation, that the national governments only exist for peace, security and democracy for their people (as long as they are the leaders and us their followers, of course), and that the religious maestros are all dudes (God, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Allah, Mohammed, Jim Morrison) and that the chicks are mere cocksuckers (Mary Magdalene is the essential ho and Eve the culprit behind the “fall” of humankind) and that “Yin” means the positive, masculine force and “Yang” the negative, feminine force–basically that women are the source of all evil (really, Satan isn’t female?), they know “we have no choice anyway” but to just sigh to resignation and believe whatever they speak in tongue because the fucking truth is, WE PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING, hence our visceral need for all the blabber we could cling to. What little knowledge we have is what we are merely made to believe by those who have great fear of the Unknown.

This is much better, we tell ourselves, than to swallow the dismembering reality that there is neither a purpose nor redemption at the end of this seemingly random and meaningless life of ours.

play LIAR -Henry Rollins Band


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