Little Miss Homo Sapien's Cave

For The Faint Of Heart

If you think that your beliefs are the absolute truths and therefore indisputable, then you must be in great danger.

What you see, feel, hear, taste or smell is misleading for your journey to self-discovery, because your senses are just the eager receptors, and it is always the “sender” that has the control over your reaction. Beliefs are tricky and laden with risks, for they have been laced with human intervention. The Righteous will assure you to just have faith, which does not hurt–if you’re a cretin.

A combination of experience and thorough observation has taught me that this entire concept of believing with faith at its heart is nothing but the warped lovechild of the paranoiac and the unenlightened of the ancient times, a test-tube baby by folie a deux sufferers that had been brutally cloned over and again all throughout history for every unsuspecting ignoramus to purchase and embody.

Basically a figment of a people who were frightened out of their wits by the cogent plausibility that everything has no meaning, purpose and worth at the end of this terrestial existence, hence their establishments of value and belief systems: Hope, Paradise, Love, the Future, Salvation, Civilization, the Good in Every Human, Miracles whenever they find themselves in deep shit.

To have faith that there is redemption after all the injustices, or that those soft lips grazing on yours is not a convoluted indication of an everlasting romance is nothing short of denying yourself of the truth that the knowledge that you oh so prize are mere inflictions by your co-earthlings, and not really by The Grandmasters of the Universe Themselves.


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