Little Miss Homo Sapien's Cave


There’s just too many distractions. You try so hard to process a thought and then all of a sudden, out of the blue but just in the nick of time when your braincells are beginning to regenerate again, comes the going off of very wonderful noises that you’d rather want to be deaf instead–fizzling out a potential brainchild. If the unwelcome sounds of before I found tolerable, today ‘s version of it and its various other mutations look to me as though fashioned to categorically to make me a retard. Noise barrages with their sole goal being just to hear, they are completely convinced, their pretty voices. Hype, commercialism, scandals, sensationalism–they are packaged in a manner so that that the listener won’t get enough of them. These auditory blahs could only be likened to cheap porn: lowlife in its purest sense, yet you dare not look away.

Not so long ago I was a guilty patron. Not of cheap porn, genius. Silence would make me feel alone, an outsider that I would often find myself taking refuge to any kind of muzak to “drown out the loneliness”. For example parking before the boob tube, which was my subconscious way of avoiding having to examine my own life by examining those of The Beautiful People. Or worse I would make noise myself, which I also called trashtalking: thriving on the wrong of the other people in an attempt to look righteous.

Yes, I could have been a Catholic priest.

But of course things have turned 361 degrees now. I mean, i must be that old and have no sex life, but I think it would be kickass stuff if club music will just get clubbed to a sorry pulp. I’d like to think I’m a peaceloving prick, but those DJs, who really just murder other people’s music and bam! they have a cool job, and if ever they make their own music it just goes like, “we are hot cuz we are cool/ we are hip cuz we’re youth/ the hell with Gaza Strip and Darfur/ just down the pill and fuck me good,” might as well die a happy death soon.

But then again club music is just a reflection of a much noisier emptiness: this generation.

Maybe it’s true that I’m just getting old (and not getting any, suckers!), but never have the rubbish of society stinking to high heavens loomed over me as much as it does now. I JUST WANT EVERY MOTHERFUCKING KNOW-IT-ALL SOCIAL CLIMBER TO SHUT UP. Shhh. GET OUT OF MY RADIUS. City life is great, its modern-day culture of wild abandon very attractive indeed. So why, like, be so negative and stuff and hate its sights and sounds? Why???

Coz I’m a loser who has better things to look at and listen to, thanks.


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