Little Miss Homo Sapien's Cave


In the near future, books of all kinds will become obsolete, and audio and visual compact discs will just be then displayed in the same museum that houses the skeletal frameworks of dinosaurs. There will no more of bookstores and libraries; if you need to do some research on a project that is surely an unoriginal effort, say so long to paperbacks, hardbounds, newspapers and encyclopedias that come in mildewed tomes: just go to coffee shops. Yes, not to Wikipedia–gee, by that time that would be soo yesterday. Because soon in coffee shops along with your Cybercinno will come free unlimited answering of all your life queries courtesy of the robotic baristas. Yes, by that time they would have upgraded from free Wi-Fi usage to large-scale I-don’t-need-to-know basis information campaign for their customers to point of the coffee-drinking crowd wishing they were hopeless retards instead.

FM and AM radio will also soon close shop to make room for the growing hip industry of radio Webcast. Same would be the fate of Internet cafes: a brand-spankin’ new high technology Internet service set-up will be installed in virtually every street corner where on each of its thin sheet of translucent vidiwall that would serve as the computer screen, you could just click on its imaginary buttons, very much like touchpad, and you are done with your business in a break-neck speed.

Unless of course if you’re doing Facebook on it, assuming that there will still be Facebook by that time, then it would take you 3 hours gloating over how many friends you have.

And here is what digital cameras and video cellphones will be reduced to in a, say, a couple of yawns: artifacts in the treasure trove of Indiana Jones. Because means of communication in the looming hereafter will ultimately speak of telepathy: a microchip of some technobabble infrastructure could be then just easily slip into the human brains. And as for the high-end picture-taking contraptions? Well, an infinitesimal variety will phase ’em all out, because this baby right here will be implanted on the eyes instead the same way ordinary contact lenses are sported, allowing the eyes to do the taking of snapshots–with literally just a blink of an eye! Moreover, the images taken could be conveniently deleted with as much ease as rubbing the eyes.

When that “near future” finally comes scrambling around, when even if only a couple of the technological advancements I predict to materialize in my lifetime indeed take place with me still intact as a homo sapien and not a freakazoid cyborg, please tell those modern-day mad scientists to also build a time-travel machine. Better, tell them now. The present is nauseating enough, and just thinking about what technologically awaits me makes me just want to live under a rock and sharpen my stick for my next encounter with the mastodon.


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