Little Miss Homo Sapien's Cave

Heartless Heart

Unfold the cape before

my colorblind eyes

For I am ready to witness blood

between black and white

The corrida fits to burst,

far more wild than I

Seeing red,

have fed the fire of my ire.

You are the matador,

while I am the mastodon

To be thrust a sword

at the end of the box you shadow

In the order of things

you are the emperor

but I am unconquerable

You are the man of letters

but I’ve got the last words.

Parade the crusade

of guarding the masquerade

But never will I ever tire

of sidestepping the trains

May the best man stands last

where the spotlight gathers dust

Though never will it be man

for the crimson portent of turnaround

is already on the tip of my tongue.

So take firm hold of your throne

for which you are greatly known

For when my hooves start

scratching on the sand

And black smoke comes puffing

from my nostrils, ears and mouth

Gore will paint the town

upon the burying of my horns

into your Heartless Heart.


2 responses

  1. Great read.

    03/12/2010 at 09:15

    • You won’t really see
      The beauty of pain
      Until you write it
      In the form of poetry.


      03/12/2010 at 13:38

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