Little Miss Homo Sapien's Cave

A Spoken Poetry

Yes, I am a thespian.

The unsung musician.

The rabbit of the magician.

On the tip of my mother tongue

Lingers a distasteful tang

Of what poetry has become

A worldsmith thru words

Yet I only get bestowed of awards.

Extinguish the blaze

Distinguish the haze

Relinquish the gaze–

Why are you so amazed

Of this cul-de-sac maze?

A curtain call, but I am unfazed.

A slave to my emotions,

A paperboat to the maritime motions.

In the enlightened night of my soul

Spontaneously I combust the notion

That in the portrayal of these long-winded roles

We glamorize the reservations of the narrow

When we do not one to be one of them proles

Up in the sleeve of our marrows


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