Little Miss Homo Sapien's Cave

Of Dying and Denying

At my doorstep,

I know it has arrived.

It has come to fetch me,

it’s going to knock anytime now.

I am not afraid, it’s just

that I am not ready yet

Although I’ve been told

to foresee the ship to sink,

still I never tire of going against

the giant waves swimmingly.

To drown in the very water

that nourished me to believe

that this is not the end

rather, just the beginning

will be the most heartwarming betrayal

that this door will open up to me–

yet I will depart

drinking to it, leaving

the red-hot lava in the core

of the passive volcano,

afraid but ready.


6 responses

  1. I like it. Very much.

    Reminded me, somewhat, of ‘Black Eyed Dog’ by Nick Drake…

    …This is a good thing.


    15/12/2010 at 01:59

  2. I really like the last seven lines. I can see this as to so many things we open ourselves up to, the fear, the necessity of it, the lesson learned….and maybe I’m just digging way too deep here.

    15/12/2010 at 11:34

  3. blackvelvetsea

    I love the afraid but ready thought. Its just challenging and shows steadiness and amazing balance and courage. You nailed this one πŸ™‚

    20/12/2010 at 17:59

  4. Thank you. Very much appreciated. πŸ™‚

    20/12/2010 at 18:14

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