Little Miss Homo Sapien's Cave

Turn Of The Nocturne

It’s only 5:24pm, but the sky’s dark already. It’s not that it’s pitch-black, in fact the sky now is more of smeared with tangerine and mauve touches, only that the dusk at its heart has fallen around. Looking from a high-rise building in the city, one could already see the bright lights of the vehicles, business establishments and billboards, while all along the sheet of gloaming is beginning to take over the firmament, as though it is being slowly beaten black and blue by their noxious exhausts. If I were to be asked, I actually do think that this premature dimming in the surroundings has lot to do more with that than the closing shop of the sun’s services on this side of the world: it is caused by the vaporization of modernity’s stink.

But then of course there’s rationality to this early-evening phenomenon: according to meteorological explanation whenever December is around nights become prolonged, or at least in this region of the world. That may very well be true, with now being only 30 minutes past 5 and dim all around, despite the still pastel-like hues in the sky. Now I wonder what’s the effect of this early-evening onset during the daytime: does the grace of sunlight make up for the the lack of it on the late afternoon by touching down on land much earlier in the day? Surely the day does not extend past the 24-hour mark and that although it seems that the evening arrives soon it could only disappear early the next day?

Well I wouldn’t have an idea. It’s been forever since I rose and shone to daybreak, and that’s only because I stay up late and can’t manage to wake up that early. I wish I could, because I don’t like wasting time. But nature has it that the workings of my brain is at its peak in the witching hours, and I require at least 6 hours of sleep otherwise I’d be a complete vegetable the next day. I know; that’s really pathetic. And like what I’ve always believed, had I not been sleeping half the time of my life I could have been in the middle of my backpacking by now around the world, looking for myself by getting lost.

I have to change my sleeping habits soon.

One of my fantasies is to be able to witness the painting of the horizon from 4 to 6 am, by the mountainside. The orange sun taking its time to rise, the clouds breaking and then connecting, the shifting in their colors putting a stop to my breath.

In th daily grind of hypocrisy and shallowness of society, how I wish I could do just that.. And disappear and race with the wind.

Half the time I wonder
what is next for me to do
when the sky is like
this nightfalling
and the orange sun
setting gilds the waters
of the welcoming sea
right before me.
During these brief moments
of day and night peaking,
cloudbursts of colors in turn
seem to be mounting
their own lovemaking,
and again everything
I take pride in knowing
is benighted in light of
more than I could
ever grasp and take in.
Metaphors could only
render so much poetry:
the firmament the canvas
(or is it the palette?)
of the divine painter,
the sun the tipping crucible
where Midas bathed in,
and again another attempt at
breathless creation
will be nothing short
of usurpation.
Perhaps because I am just
unworthy of their beauty:
leeching myself onto them
to be beautiful myself.
But my heart is
of purity and humility:
Under this pivoting parasol
of kaleidescopic heavens
where the last piece
of cirrus dissolves into
the marrying of indigo
overcast and apricot rack,
disappearing into
tumultuos billows
in my mind,
I am reminded
that there is love
and responsibility
beyond this sea, beyond
my control: it is enough
for me to cry out of
gratitude, but I’ll save
the tears instead for
the rising of the sun
tomorrow, so as to shed
light on what I have
yet to know.


2 responses

  1. NV

    Nights are beautiful , but since you mentioned travelling and the morning.. If you end up coming to India, you should go to Rajasthan and watch the sun rise in the winters… its the most beautiful thing of all…

    The poem is real, its almost like we can reach out and touch… and even after all of that, the picture spoke a thousand words. 🙂

    24/12/2010 at 22:21

    • Yes I’d definitely go to India someday… I’ll keep Rajasthan in mind. Thank you 🙂

      26/12/2010 at 10:35

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