Little Miss Homo Sapien's Cave

Free Spirit

It’s unlikely for me to die
so I’ll jump off this cliff
to fly high for the first time
Holding up my hands,
I’m turning myself in from hereon
To be so close yet so far,
to make love with the gods.
Where is eternity?
It’s got to be here
Midway through the ravine
of the narrow mind unthinking.
The sun laid out before tears
Blind yet I believe
of a place there waiting for me
By taking off the clothes
that cloak my imperfect body
By whispering to the wind that
it takes my breath away.
Take me, I am yours
just when I’ve metamorphosed
from being a whore
One day I will return
to draw blood through your thorns
For in that day I’d be
a memory invoked
through the form of a black rose blooming
that was serenaded by a minstrel
on a dreamlike dawn languishing.
So off I go with nothing
but a soul that only lusts
after wandering
Here’s to the ones I love
back home, departing I am not
rather, I’ll be everywhere:
In the gurgle of the waterfalls;
In the transfiguration of
lead into gold;
In the ember that pirouettes between
two lovers staring at each other.
Orphaned by mother land,
I’ll be the prodigal sun
Through the aging of grapes
into wine,
to be happy
than to be right.


4 responses

  1. In the ember that pirouettes between
    two lovers staring at each other- fabulous line, great imagery in this and entire poem.

    02/01/2011 at 08:22

  2. liza lado

    woah! blown away! wahahaha… dapat akng magkaron ng book, seriously… nasan ka ba? lumabas ka na nga. lalabas ka na

    05/01/2011 at 01:45

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