Little Miss Homo Sapien's Cave

One Day At A Time

Another year is upon us and again we are faced to make sense of a life that could only be geared towards becoming better. And by being equipped to attain that we have to approach it with a precise bird’s eye view.

A pen, a page of paper and a slew of courageous pledges to fulfill throughout the year.

I don’t do things the traditional way, and so listing down what I plan to accomplish for the next 365 days is not for me. I do have my resolutions of course, and a bucket’s list of my own if we are going to talk about long-term. But these plans of mine are more of embedded in my DNA than on any paper or webpage. I already know them by heart, as bright as the day, because they’re almost the blueprint of my daily itenerary. Although it’s not to say that  I take it away from people who wish to make their 2011 to-dos in bullet-style listing. No; I actually admire them because at least they want to be clear with their aspirations of the year by writing them, and because by doing so they want to make it clear that they are serious to change themselves for the the better–in the immediate days.

It’s just that personally I don’t want to be pressured into doing things by giving myself deadlines. I’ve always believed that the enigma of life lies on spontaneity, and me constantly fretting about the things to do just because it has to be done will take away the very life of my existence. This may sound cheesy, but I believe only time can tell when will I do what I want to do and not because the numbers in the calendar tell me to already do it. This is not about being haphazard and juvenile; god, why are we so worried of what other’s have got to say? So what if you don’t act your age? Listening to your innermost instincts is the most important. As long as you don’t hurt other people with your decisions (there are people who want to be hurt by your personal decisions; it’s their problem not yours), then by all means scrap the figures that dictate the rhythm of your life. Today is the day, that’s pretty much there is all to it. Just do what is authentic and earnest to you. If it doesn’t feel yet right to commence something, then don’t force the issue. True, life is short, but then where’s the fun in being too self-conscious?

I believe visions are what matter most. The genuine, heartfelt desire beneath your goals that sends you reeling to experience them is more fulfilling than any of the timetables and templates and formality can offer. The problem with us is that we put too much premium on the “feathers on our caps”. We tend to forget to savor things just as they are because we busy ourselves too much on labelling each and every little thing we do and subscribe to. This reminds me of the tourists and concert-goers nowadays: they do not get to enjoy the sights and sounds of life anymore because they’ve become too caught up documenting the pretty views of places and face value of musical displays with their video cameras because they will upload them online, for they know that the online people in turn will deify them for being so cool because they’ve seen those places and bands–live.

People have forgotten how to lose themselves in the purity of moments.

Whenever I think of my own dreams and goals, I get dizzy. There’s just too many of them that I must admit I can’t wait to start reaching for them. It would have been lovely to start this new year, right? Realistically, however, it’s not like I can be a volunteer in South Africa or a travelling photojournalist in the coming months. I’m doing other things as of now, and I can’t just get away that soon. But nevertheless I’m having a great time being in the process of getting there. There’s no pressure. Afterall I know many who, upon finally getting to their destinations, ask themselves, “So, this is it… Now what?” I’m familiar with that feeling of being burnt-out and overrated, and it’s the most frustrating feeling ever.

Because really, when it comes down to it’s not always all about the destination, but the journey, too.

Unless you truly feel in the deepest recesses of your heart that the next days and months are the right time to do the things you’ve been wanting to do, be it running naked into the night or going  up to that person you’ve been wanting to declare your eternal love to, then go what are you waiting for. As for me I won’t plan; it will just happen. I’ll just let The Flow to read between the lines and from there, I know deep within me, it will just spirit me away to where I’ve always wished for it to take me.

“In the right light, in the right time, everything is extraordinary.”


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