Little Miss Homo Sapien's Cave

Idioteque by Radiohead

I love music. Particularly rock ‘n’ roll music.

And that’s why I haven’t attempted to talked about music here on my blog, be it Gregorian Chant or Megadeth, because I wouldn’t know where to start–I have a lot to say about it. Soon, though, I’ll start. It’s one topic that will surely show another side of me, far from the dreamy quality of my poetry, politics of my prose. My interests are multi-faceted it can get pretty crazy.

Radiohead is one of the best bands. Among the million of music videos in my head this is the one of the first few I thought to feature.

Idioteque by Radiohead has an official video, but I decided to post this version instead because of the cool artworks set to it by the talented artist Flintcraw.

I want to thank him for allowing me to post his video here on my blog. Please do visit his website for more of his genius.


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