Little Miss Homo Sapien's Cave


I dream of leaving

a trail of footprints

Which future lost souls

would hopefully follow

I do not in any way

wish to derail destinies

By wanting them to pound

the same pavement I took on

Nor do I want their

feet to stink

By wanting them to wear

the shoes I have worn

And it’s not as if  I’ve trotted

the globe and reached my destination

For I haven’t even gotten up

from this stupor.

It’s just that I can’t

put my finger on

How the ways of the world

have conspired me into this person

Who’s always at a loss

for the right words.

I have uttered,

but ended up stuttering.

I have tried to be heard,

but ended up to be the one listening.

I have tried to be felt,

but nobody feels for me.

Could it be possible

to dig the soul out of the body?


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