Little Miss Homo Sapien's Cave

Shelter by XX

Seemingly unassuming pieces of music can summon the most powerful, sweeping emotions in me.

This song is a little secret inhabitant of my soul. I myself am surprised at how this could make me feel things I don’t think I’d be capable to put into words.

Considering that I’m more partial to the music of the past, and this one’s only a 2009 brainchild.

Shelter by XX has an official music video, but naturally I’m more partial to this one because of the images set to it.

I want to thank quiGC, the creator of this video, for the permission to post it here. Check out his channel on Youtube for more of his works.


2 responses

  1. It’s so, so beautiful. And all the time I’m watching it, I feel I’m not seeing with my eyes, but with all my senses. The song and the video have calmed my heart. Thanks for this little piece of beauty.

    06/02/2011 at 14:33

    • I’m glad that you liked it too. Indeed this song is such a beauty, and the video only magnified that.

      Thanks very much 🙂

      06/02/2011 at 18:18

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