Little Miss Homo Sapien's Cave

Small World

The idea of Six Degrees of Separation
pretty much says a lot about
how small truly is our world
People may come from diverse walks
of life, but it only takes You and Me
and Her and Him and Them and It
to bridge the gap and
link what are between these lines.
How could the color of My skin and
where You are from and His sexuality and
Her sense of fashion and Their beliefs
and It’s opinion serve as the trigger for hate
crimes and senseless killings? We may
be far and different from one another, but
we only have One Purpose to fulfill
We may speak varying jargons and languages, but
understanding is more important than any meaning.
Time does not march backwards, and
the Earth does not revolve the other way around.
Progressing with all of our hands clasped,
is the only way to go about
Digressing into the mind’s strait paths,
is the only way to disconnect,
no doubt.
You on the other side of the globe,
who says you can’t create a ripple
in Sudan, Gaza Strip, Cairo?
On my side of the coin, I hope my words
are sifting now through the walls.
We don’t have to have money, fame
and power to be Soldiers
What we only need is us getting together
to be that force which the oppressors will reckon
If we do not want our own children to suffer
then let’s break out of our safe, comfortable ghettos.
We could start Something Brand-new
Start from little, a humble idea to brew
Calling out to the apathetic, jaded you:
It’s high time to be only true.
The real Change can begin from us first six
whose common denominator
is that burden upon our shoulders:
Love is a decision to make each other’s and
other people’s problems ours to solve.


2 responses

  1. Wow, so much said.
    I really like the way you wrote this aligned right.
    I have no idea why i think this but the lines appear to flow better.

    12/02/2011 at 19:59

    • This is the second time you pointed out my aligning of my poems to the right 😉

      13/02/2011 at 00:54

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