Little Miss Homo Sapien's Cave

The Dervish

Body language in the palette of the

late afternoon, the Dream King’s canopy.

Disappearing behind the ninth cloud

a grand reflection of the thousands of

diamonds below in waves of nostalgia:

up, up and away to our liberation.

I tug at you, and then I let go.

In the current we surrender to wherever

it may want us to get lost or return

the string that holds us together

we hold on like two doing a tango

your hair flying in the breeze; your clothes

getting undressed by the wind skywrites

the warmth inside my chest imbued in gold.

A ballerina twirling, a dervish whirling.

Step by step we rely on each other, I

give you a hand so you could reach the stars

the blaze of the terra sun the dazzling halo

of our love for this classic dance.

You pulled me into your arms and

the sparrow was let go, the thread

I released as you come…

Come back down now to earth.


2 responses

  1. Let us stay here on the ground.

    02/03/2011 at 22:08

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