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Thoughts On My Bike

One of my poetic dreams in life is to travel the world using a bike, with a mini speaker on the basket in front that’s plugged into my mp3 player, playing my favorite playlist.

But aside from personal leisure there is also a strong statement that I want to send across with bike as my chosen vehicle, and this video has eloquently expressed it.

Cars are cozy, convenient and will up your social status, but I’d rather that a bike brings me places and take me to my destinations.

I’ve been told that riding the bike is impractical, what with me getting too much exposed to pollution, and not to mention the bodily danger it poses while pedaling it on the road.

But I say, where is the pink of health in the noxious fumes that the motor vehicles emit? And do people even care to be aware of the insane number of vehicular accidents that take place in just a single night?

The sense of freedom and being one with nature while riding the bike is something I will never trade for any luxury car in the world.

This is the second video of Ms Andrea Dorfman that I’ve posted here. The first was her How To Be Alone video. This one, Thoughts On My Bike, is a short film she made for the NYC Bicycle Film Festival ’09.

I want to thank Ms Andrea for allowing me again to feature another video of hers. She is a kindred spirit whose art are of true beauty and value.

Please check out her Youtube channel here for more of her creations.


5 responses

  1. Such a cunning, creative video. I strongly believe that car owners are enslaved to their cars. Here in Argentina cars are really expensive, so first you have to buy one (a small fortune to me) and then you have to keep it in good condition, pay taxes, etc. I can’t buy photography equipment and a car at the same time. Sure, a car is faster, but on my bike I can see things from up close, stop by, and take a picture!
    I think the decision between riding a car and riding a bike is a life choice.

    06/03/2011 at 02:47

    • Having said that then I suggest you should just invest your resources to photography equipments. Their costs are no joke, and it’s not like cars are your passion, right?

      As for me though I’d rather invest mine on airfare tickets. Cars are nothing but monstrosities that can’t get me from Tibet to Quebec without slurping first all my money down to the drain.

      06/03/2011 at 13:56

      • LOL. I could spend any extra money on plane tickets, too, and travel around the world taking pictures. What I love most about being twenty-three is that anything and everything is possible right now.

        06/03/2011 at 22:35

  2. liza

    I’ll get you a foldable purple bike sweetie

    07/03/2011 at 20:15

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