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How Not To Fall In Love

Scoff at the beauty of the ocher moon reflecting on the placid waters of Lake Kayangan; it is not a fairy tale picture painted by the hands of Mother Nature. It is not a fleeting portrait of an everlasting romance.

Gondola rides in Venice are meant to be taken on your lonesome. Go around the canals on your own, with nothing but an emotion of a stone.

Do not fantasize about eloping with someone to Tuscany and making love in the vineyards there. You must be a ruthless soul who have no illusion or concept whatsoever of happiness and freedom.

You have to have no empathy to heed the call of the mute asking for help through the sign language. You should not understand, because you have to limit the grasp of your world view. To be illuminated is to fall in love deeper.

Debunk the reverie that the earth screeches to a halt due to a love at first sight, and that a mountain will move because of the intensity of it. I tell you, love is stupid; there are far greater concerns in the world than an arrow-shooting, diaper-clad cherub named Cupid.

Pay no attention to the subtleties and nuances of the person always smiling at you. Remember, you cannot assume in any way that the sunny curve of his or her lips has the power to get you inspired to be the best that you can be and make the world a whole lot better place to live in. You can’t have an inspiration. The celestial cauldron of gold may spill each morning, but it does not mean that there is hope for humanity.

Strive for nothing, for there is no one to dedicate hard work and excellence to.

Have a look at yourself on the full-size mirror, and highlight only the negative points. Assess your character, and find that there is nothing wrong.

Music is playing not to conjure up paramount feelings. The bow drawing across the strings of the violin is not the whale who, upon falling in love with the moon, gathers his strength to leap so high to reach his object of affection.

The fingers fiddling with the keys of the piano, they are not the fox willing to give up the chance to finally become a human being after thousands of years in exchange of the death of the man she fell in love with.

The magnificent control of breath blowing the harmonica, it is not the mother bear going empty-stomach for months because the immediate food she gets to hunt she has to give to hers cubs.

Don’t get swayed by the influence of your sentimental thoughts and seat of affections. True, you are only human, but you have the choice: choose, at all costs, not to fall in love. Send to crashing the feelings of that person who will try to change your mind. Remember, you have to be selfish and numb, love must not make the world go around.

And if your heart must decide to rebel and not make sense and fight for what it only feels:

Stop breathing til your heart stops beating.

Rip it out of your chest and have someone stomp onto it.

Have your lifeless body drown into the pool of your fresh blood.

Do not fall in love. Or do not live at all.


6 responses

  1. “To be illuminated is to fall in love deeper.” and “Do not fall in love. Or do not live at all.” I love the way you punctuate these lines with an argument.

    12/06/2011 at 00:08

  2. Wow, this is so powerful! There are moments in my life when I would read sarcasm between the lines, and moments when I’d choose to take these words to heart. I can’t decide on one, so I go with the flow of what I feel at the time. Right now I’ll congratulate you on how well achieved and subtle the sarcasm is, and on the great images in the last few lines. I really like this!

    12/06/2011 at 02:30

  3. deep and though some of the meanings for me are vague..I could still feel it..
    Full of emotions love it..

    15/06/2011 at 10:50

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