Little Miss Homo Sapien's Cave


Not so long ago, Little Miss statement shirts were all the rage among the young women. Actually, and unfortunately, they still are quite popular up to this day. I don’t know if it’s just here in the Philippines, but it seemed that every girl I inadvertently laid my eyes on was wearing a version of Little Miss: Little Miss Fun, Little Miss Yummy, Little Naughty, Little Miss Trouble, Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Hottie, Little Miss Wonderful – all accompanied with this image of a cute female cartoon suited up to the title used.

Even young women from certain professions were wearing them: Little Miss Nurse, Little Miss Therapist, Little Miss Banker, Little Miss Call Center Agent, Little Miss Teacher. There was even a Little Miss Volunteer variation.

And need I mention the female students and alumnae who took pride in their colleges and universities? Little Miss Atenista, Little Miss Bedan, Little Miss Uste, Little Miss Warrior, Little Miss Maroon. I think they made up half of the Little Miss shirts that I saw almost everywhere.

Obviously these Little Miss statement shirts were found to be oh so lovely and adorable, not only by the girls, but also by the modern-day local capitalists. Clearly I didn’t find the shirt concept in harmonious with my taste and overall moorings, and had enough when I discovered that even my own sister owned one: Little Miss Giggles.

There has always been something about trends and labels that repulse me. Unless a trend is absolutely useful to the progress of the humankind, I go against the current; labels on the other hand are things that I’ve never been really at ease with. I couldn’t imagine myself wearing a Little Miss, but at the same time I couldn’t stop annoying myself by trying to come up with my own Little Miss title, being sarcastic that I was.

Little Miss Homo Sapien. What girl in her right mind would call herself that? When I came up with it, I couldn’t stop chuckling. It sounds so Neanderthal and unappealing that I just had to playfully refer to myself with it. Around the time when it formed in my head I was also having the idea of finally putting up a blog, so it only followed that I name my blog after it, and because I thought I would be writing mostly about my not-so favorite things in the world.

For quite a while now though Little Miss Homo Sapien has become not just about sarcasm anymore; it has given me a new meaning and purpose: Yes, I may be only “little” (5’2, thanks) and “just” a miss, but I’m a Homo Sapien, a human being in its most stripped sense, and with that acknowledgement on my part I know I just put myself on good track.

The power of being human, while all along being humble about it.



One response

  1. Interesting!
    The moment I came across it, I thought the ‘homosapien’ in your alias represented the deep thinking and understanding of life. So, you started it as a pun on the ‘little miss *’ trend, and embraced it for its grand meaning?

    You have a very interesting blog. Hopefully I would come back to peruse through these pages, when I have more time in my hands.

    Good luck for ‘finding yourself by getting lost’! I liked the concept. Hope you would find yourself soon, and to your liking. Meanwhile, stay away from power outlets 🙂

    01/06/2011 at 00:49

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